The Urban Botanist Blend
The Urban Botanist Blend
The Urban Botanist Blend
The Urban Botanist Blend
The Urban Botanist Inc

The Urban Botanist Blend

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The Urban Botanist has partnered with Doug Gardens to produce our very own soil mix-in! Our blend benefits the health of your soil and the health of our planet.

100% Regenerative

Safe for pets, humans, plants, and the environment. The Urban Botanist Blend by Doug Gardens is the first completely regenerative way to feed your soil and plants. Diverting agricultural waste from landfills, The Urban Botanist Blend brings sustainable organic gardens to a whole new level.

Short & Long-Term Nutrient Release

Our blend of all natural-ingredients provide both micro and macronutrients. The formulated blend is specifically designed to allow nutrients to slowly leach into the soil profile, giving your plants a gentle yet nutritious boost in vitality.



Worm Castings

  • Enhances soil ecosystem with microorganisms and humus
  • Increases water retention
  • Increases nutrient uptake and utilization

Organic Compost

  • Promotes healthy plant growth
  • Improves overall soil health
  • Adds organic material to soil ecosystem

Waste Wool

  • Micro and Macro nutrients
  • Holds 20X its weight in water
  • Slow nutrient release


  • Increases soil porosity, beneficial for soil microorganisms

Organic Compost

  • Promotes healthy plant growth
  • Adds organic matter to soil ecosystem

Organic 4-4-4

  • Balanced plant nutrition
  • Gradual release of nutrients
  • Improves soil structure & water holding capacity


  • Adds essential calcium and sulphur to soil


  • Retains beneficial nutrients in the plants root zone 

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