Philodendron Birkin - 6"
Philodendron Birkin - 6"
Philodendron Birkin - 6"
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Philodendron Birkin - 6"

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The Philodendron birkin is a must have for any Philodendron lover! These rare and striking plants have beautiful striped foliage, and are a great way to bring creativity in to your home. 

These plants grow different shaped leaves. They all come in different pigments. This is what makes philodendrons unique and such a beloved houseplant.


Philodendron plants are native to rainforests so they prefer a humid environment and moist soil (not wet).

Same as the vast majority of the plants: stick your finger in the soil; it it comes out with soil it's still moist and doesn't need watering. Also, be careful what soil mix you use for tropical plants. Choose a mix that drains fast. Tip: Try a potting mix rich in bark/peat.


Similar to other Philodendron plants, the Birkin prefers medium to bright indirect light. If you could place this rare plant in a bright east or west window indoors it would be really happy. Mine is in a spot that gets a bit of sun in the summers for an hour or so and seems to be really enjoying it.

Also, the brighter the light and lower the temperature (19-20 degrees Celsius) the whiter the variegation is.

Note: shape, colour and size of plants may vary slightly.
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