Our Story

Who are we?

The Urban Botanist began out of a sincere desire to engage with nature in an urban environment. Our biology background tied together with the love to explore the natural world is what started The Urban Botanist. Terrarium workshops were created to share our strong passion to educate others about the world of botany in an urban setting. The Urban Botanist is completely mobile! We host private parties, corporate workshops, and public events around the city. Our services also include custom wedding or shower favours, designing interior displays, client gifts, and more.

Everything from our glass vessels, to figurines are all up-cycled materials. This is a huge aspect of our manifesto, to reduce our carbon footprint. We are actively working towards reducing all waste and giving back as much as we take from Mother Earth. We believe that creating a terrarium is the perfect way to engage with horticulture in a dense urban environment.

House of Fire - A brand film for the Urban Botanist from Santiago Trugeda on Vimeo.



The Urban Botanist creates fun and engaging horticultural activities for colleagues, friends, families, and groups. Our terrarium workshops use recycled glass structures to bring the serendipity of an outdoor ecosystem into a captured self sustaining garden inside your home or space. We design live walls and moss walls as well to your office or home space.


Our workshops provide the perfect balance of craft, design, interactive learning, team bonding, and plant therapy. We are dedicated to passing on our knowledge about terrariums and ecosystems through our workshops, while having fun at the same time! We enjoy hosting a comfortable place for everyone to learn the basics of plant care together. We offer a variety of workshops that allow you to get crafty and learn more about nature!


The Urban Botanist designs and installs custom living and moss walls to your home or space. We offer low maintenance beautifully textured vertical green walls in all shapes and sizes. We also offer this concept in frames, logos and other custom designs. Click here to learn more!


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