Carleton University's Newest Moss Wall!

Designed & Installed by The Urban Botanist

This moss wall is crafted by hand with five different varieties of high quality Scandinavian reindeer moss. It's custom designed and installed with precision by The Urban Botanist, a female-owned business founded by a Carleton University alumna.

This moss wall uniquely filters toxins, pollutants, and allergens commonly found in our air, while requiring virtually no maintenance or up-keep.

The wall will maintain its bright soft feature indefinitely and will never mold, decay or colour loss. This moss comes from Norway, where it is sustainably grown and harvested!

Moss walls are extremely effective at absorbing noise, especially in the range of the human voice, making it an ideal material for Carleton University's Macodrum Library.

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Species of Moss Used in this Design

Sheet Moss Dark Green

Reindeer Spring Green

Mood Moss

Pole Moss Apple Green

Pole Moss Dark Green

Pole Moss Lime Mini

Carleton University's newest moss wall is sustainable!

The Urban Botanist exclusively sources and uses moss from farms which use sustainable harvesting practices.

No more than 5% of a lichen field is harvested at one time and the fields are left for 20 years to repopulate.

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Emma Terrell, a Carleton University alumna, is the Founder and Owner of The Urban Botanist.

Emma founded The Urban Botanist in 2017, the same year she graduated from Carleton U with intent to encourage people to engage with people in an urban setting.

We design, fabricate, and install moss walls as well as educate people on how to better connect with nature.

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