Custom Moss Frames

We design and customize any sized moss frame you like for your space. Everything from wood species and stain colour are all customizable, as well as the moss design and pattern. Input your specifications in our form below to get started!

Key Benefits of a Moss Frame:

  • Acoustic insulation (.91 Sabin rated absorption at 5000 Hz)
  • Fire Safe
  • Filters toxins and deodorizes the air
  • Organic
  • Great way to add greenery to low lit room
  • Sustainably harvested
  • Maintenance free
  • Will never decay, die, mold or fade
  • Looks and feels amazing!


As the moss is preserved, it will never need watering. What does preserved mean? It means that all the organic moss and foliage we use when creating our moss art frames is no longer living. Everything is REAL from our mood moss, to reindeer moss and ferns, this was all once living but is no longer. This is why our preserved moss frames have zero maintenance and require no watering or sunlight! While moss doesn't have roots, once preserved, it will continue to draw moisture and airborne particles (including dust) out of the air. Preserved moss can therefore contribute to cleaning indoor air naturally in a sustainable somewhat similar to air purifiers and ventilators.They can be hung in any indoor space.



Moss Frame - Design Options

While we can customize all designs, we do offer some standard options for you. You can select these options below in our form when requesting a quote.

Mixed Mosses - Unicolour or Bicolour

Do you want one colour of moss or mixed color?

Mixed Mosses & Folia

Mixed mosses and mixed preserved foliage design.

* Custom frames take approximately 4 weeks to design. All frames come equipped with hardware for hanging.*