Where are you located?

We are completely mobile! Our workshops are held at various locations all over the city. To sign up for a workshop or to see upcoming dates, click here. If you would like to shop our terrariums, we have a variety to choose from at Dala Decor Ottawa Furniture Store.

Where do we sign up for workshops?

You can sign up directly online for our workshops by clicking on the Sign Up tab, or click here to be redirected.

What are your shipping regulations?

Please view our shipping policy here.

How long is a workshop?

Approximately 1 hour.

Do I need to bring anything to a workshop?

All necessary tools and supplies are available to you at our workshops. If you have special shells, figurines, crystals, stones, or feathers at home you are more than welcome to bring them with you to add your personal flare!

Can I bring my own glassware?

Absolutely! We totally encourage you to recycle and reuse any glassware you may have collecting dust at home.

Can I buy a succulent or cacti at the terrarium workshop?

Contact us directly at hello@theurbanbotanist.ca to discuss purchasing extra plants at a workshop. Most of our workshops have extra plants that we are happy to sell for approximately $5.00 each.


How often do I water my terrarium?

Your terrarium will not require any watering if it is closed or sealed. If you have an open terrarium you will want to allow the soil to completely dry out between watering. When you do water your terrarium, make sure that you are thoroughly watering the plants. To read more about watering your terrarium, click here.


Will my terrarium need sunlight?

Yes! Your terrarium will need approximately 6 hours of partial to full sunlight a day. Click here to read more about plant care.


Do you do private events?

Yes! We would love to be a part of your event. Click here to learn more.


Do you do office events?

Yes! We are completely mobile and can come to your location. Click here to learn more. We also have an FAQ page for private bookings, here.


Are children allowed?

Of course! We suggest that you build a terrarium together with your child.


Do you do birthday parties?

We are more than happy to accommodate adult birthday parties. Unfortunately we are not offering children birthday parties at this time. Book an adult birthday party here