Grow Good Weed - Workshop

Join us with other local Ottawa experts in a collaborative learning event on how to not only grow weed, but to grow good weed! Enjoy the evening hearing from our panelists of experts speak on the benefits of cannabis, why soil matters and how the use of cannabis can change your lifestyle in many different ways.




Phil Robert - Master Grower with Teragenic Solutions
Philippe Robert was the head grower in an ACMPR/MMAR for 15 years until he opened the largest Hydroponic store in the Outaouais, he now focuses on equipping new to seasoned growers with the tools and support they need. 
Joey Drouin - Co-Owner of Reefertilizer 
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Joey and his brother started Reefertilizer with the intent to provide high quality growing medium to cannabis growers.
Reagan Bradley & Sara Knowles - Women Who Weed™️
Women Who Weed
Women Who Weed is a community that connects and empowers pro-cannabis women to use cannabis for mental, physical, and social wellness. Learn more.
Reagan Bradley
Reagan Bradley is a personal brand strategist by trade and CEO at Women Who Weed™️. When she isn't planning marketing strategies you'll catch her indulging in cannabis with high THC, appreciating the elevated experiences in life.
Sara Knowles
Sara Knowles is a User Experience designer and Chief Operating Officer at Women Who Weed™️. She's obsessed with making online and offline experiences beautiful and consumes cannabis with high CBD to reduce her chronic pain.