Ikebana Workshop at Indigo Pinecrest - April 2nd

Find out how this modern Japanese art of flower arranging differs from Western-style arrangement. Discover the main principles of Sogetsu ikebana, including the importance of line, space and mass. Learn how to use a kenzan (or “pin frog”) to create a naturalistic effect with dramatic angles. Begin this truly Zen practice by making your own, minimalist fresh-flower arrangement in a typical, Japanese-style shallow vessel (suiban) to take home. All materials provided.

Skill Level: All Levels

Supplies Included: ALL

Recommended Age: Adult or Adult & Child 

Date : Thursday, April 2nd 2020

Time : 7:00PM - 8:30PM

Location : Indigo Pinecrest (761) • 2735 Iris Street • Ottawa, ON