Vertical Green Walls

VERTICAL GREEN WALLS -  True Biophilic Design

The Urban Botanist is now designing and installing customization GrowUp green walls of all shapes and sizes for your residential and commercial spaces. Living green walls introduce a more vibrant, cleaner and enjoyable vibe to any space. Our system is the most flexible and versatile living green wall system available. Contact us for a no commitment consultation to explore how you can bring vertical gardens into your world.
- Aids in purifying the air
- Reduces ambient noise 
- Provides a healthy indoor climate
- Increases productivity and creativity
- Provides a feeling of well being & positivity 
- Reduced stress
- Provides relaxation
- Low maintenance 
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Looking for a low maintenance alternative to living walls? Add a unique, organic green wall to your space that will never die, decay, mold or fade. Our moss walls are made by hand with high quality Scandinavian reindeer moss and are custom designed and installed with precision.

They uniquely filter toxins commonly found in our air, while requiring virtually no maintenance or up-keep. Our moss has no roots and absorbs water through the air in it's surrounding space. Our moss will maintain its bright soft feature indefinitely with no mold, decay or colour loss as long as its kept out of direct sunlight. 

They are also extremely effective at absorbing noise, especially in the range of the human voice, making an ideal material for use in offices, studios and meeting rooms to reduce noise pollution. 

Key Benefits of a Moss Wall:
  • Acoustic insulation (.91 Sabin rated absorption at 5000 Hz)
  • Fire Safe
  • Filters toxins and deodorizes the air
  • Organic
  • Sustainably harvested
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Will never decay, die, mold or fade
  • Looks and feels amazing!

Moss Designs

Our moss product is extremely versatile and can be used to recreate virtually any design or shape, even wrapping around corner or being used in your company logo. We also offer mixed moss and foliage design, which can be seen in the image above.



Custom Moss Frames

We also design and customize any sized moss frame you like for you home. Wood type and stain colour are all customizable, as well as the moss design and pattern. Inquire directly for a quote.Click here to submit a request for a custom moss frame.