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Fall Foraging with Emma, The Urban Botanist

Launching September 28th, 2021

How to Bring Your Plants Indoor for Winter

Did you bring your indoor plants outside for the summer? Many houseplants are tropical and must be brought inside once the weather begins to drop. Bringing your plants back indoors is not as easy as it may seem. Various precautions need to be taken from acclimating your plants and deterring any unwanted pests. 

How to Manage Your Indoor Plant Pest

Pest problems are more common in outdoor gardens, but even our indoor plants can fall victim to pests. In this 45-minute virtual workshop, Emma The Urban Botanist, will take you through the most common indoor plant pests and how to control them using organic and chemical methods.

Late Summer Foraging with Tauney Stinson from Forager Bee

Join Emma The Urban Botanist and Special Guest, Tauney Stinson from Forager Bee, who will speak about the various late summer edible plants and fungi that could be growing in your area this season!

Beat the Heat in the Garden with Ashley Labrecque, The Soil Scientist

Join us for a live discussion with soil scientist Ashley Lebrecque (B.Sc Agriculture & Bioresources, P.Ag Agronomist) and Emma, The Urban Botanist, who will talk about ways to protect your cold-climate crops, as well as how to reduce garden water usage. 

Worm Composting 101 with Akil from The Box Of Life

Learn all about vermicomposting with Emma The Urban Botanist and worm-composting expert Akil from The Box Of Life. 

Attracting Beneficial Insects to the Garden

If you have a garden, you inevitably have bugs. Love them or hate them, many are beneficial and help with pollination, pest control and keeping the soil healthy.In this virtual workshop, Emma The Urban Botanist will explain how to identify the good ones from those that damage your plants. She’ll also discuss how to attract and keep the beneficial ones in your garden.

Attracting Birds to Your Garden

During this virtual workshop, Emma The Urban Botanist will provide tips on how to attract birds to your yard throughout the seasons. She will discuss the best natural food sources to grow that birds love, and give tips on providing supplemental food and water, sources of shelter and more. Join us to learn all about creating a bird-friendly habitat in your own back yard.

Plant Inside the Box

During this 45-minute virtual workshop, Emma will provide tips for growing success in an outdoor planter box – everything from what soil is best to how to effectively use the space for maximum visual impact. Maybe you’re building a planter after watching the May 14th how-to demonstration with woodworker Matt Wallace? Or maybe you have one on hand that you want to fill? Either way, join Emma as she gets outside and gets planting!

How to Make a Kokedama Ball

Learn all about making a Japanese kokedama ball with Emma from The Urban Botanist. These beautiful hanging moss gardens are an effortless way to add greenery to your home. A fun and creative way to get your hands dirty and grow your green thumb! You will learn all about the care of these plants as well the art of making a traditional hanging moss ball!

Watering Your Indoor Plants 101

Ever wondered if you're watering your plants the right way? In this 45-minute virtual workshop, you’ll learn how to properly water your plants and how to avoid overwatering.

How to Pot or Repot Your Plants 

Learn how to properly pot or repot your indoor plants to keep them healthy and promote their growth.

Using Grow Lights

In this livestream video session, Emma from The Urban Botanist examines the various types of grow lights available and shows how to use them to maximum benefit. The 45-minute virtual workshop offers a wide range of advice on growing indoors under lights, whether to raise houseplants or a crop of fresh herbs that you can harvest year-round.

Preserved Flower & Plant Craft Workshop

In this livestream video session, Emma from The Urban Botanist shows how to dry and press flowers or other plants – a great way to create lasting mementos from Valentine’s Day bouquets. The 30-minute virtual workshop suggests creative uses for dried plants, including crafts that use various types of heart-shaped blooms and foliage

Propagation Workshop

In this livestream video session, Emma from The Urban Botanist offers expert advice on how to grow your houseplant collection by propagating the plants you already have. The 30-minute virtual workshop covers the plants and techniques that work best, along with recommended tools and supplies

DIY Terrariums

In this livestream video session, Emma from The Urban Botanist offers expert advice on how to create your own thriving terrarium. The 30-minute virtual workshop covers how to choose a suitable glass vessel, tools, planting materials and plants for your mini ecosystem under glass

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