Our Team

emma - The Urban botanist

The creator and owner of The Urban Botanist, Emma is a naturalist at heart and is always looking for ways to engage with nature and share her love and passion with others. This is what sparked The Urban Botanist. Nowadays in 2019 we often feel a deep disconnection with nature, starved for that interaction with our environment that often goes too long between screen time. Her hope was to bring the outdoors inside, and encourage urban dwellers to engage with the incredible natural world around us. So The Urban Botanist was born. She facilitates workshops, does botanical design and is always looking to talk plants or bugs with anyone and everyone!

kat - BAD plant mom

Introducing our very own bad plant mom, Kathryn or Kat ! This plant loving lady has helped grow The Urban Botanist for the past year and is extremely knowledgeable of the plant world! Self proclaimed “Bad Plant Mom”, Kat strives to be the best plant parent she can be – but also keeps it real and shares her failures, and kill count. Thing is, as urban botanists’ we all make mistakes along the way. Some plants are more forgiving than others, and Kat enjoys taking the time to figure out what makes them tick, what went wrong and how to not add another victim to her kill count. We hope to connect more bad plant moms together so that we can all learn more and ultimately strengthen our #plantgame. Check out our #BADPLANTMOM tees here, and give Kat a follow on Instagram @_thebadplantmom – stay tuned for her hilariously raw podcast coming soon!

shannon - go wet your plants

Have you wet your plants today? Shannon from @gowetyourplants recently joined our team of self taught plant lovers. Shannon loves sharing her ever growing knowledge of plants whether it be propagation tips, plant care, or natural history of a given species! She is a buge lover and collector of the hoya family! Catch Shannon on our vlog channel and also head to our plant care section to read up on her easy to follow articles on plant care! She makes it easy for any planty at all levels to learn something. Check out her blogs here, and give her a follow at @gowetyourplants !

MJ Kelly

Our most experienced and knowledgeable team member. Mary Jane or MJ was a seed analyst for the government of Canada for nearly a decade! She has lived in over 13 countries and was responsible for managing seed germination laws in different countries all over the world. MJ has been with The Urban Botanist for almost a year, and she has brought nothing but amazing energy, . She loves sharing her wealth of knowledge and love for plants with everyone, and is one of the most genuinely passionate people we have met! We are so lucky to have her. MJ facilitates our public, private and corporate workshops. To book her directly, please send us an email at hello@theurbanbotanist.ca !