Plant Pills

Fertilizing Made Easy!

Whether it be your indoor plants, outdoor plants, cannabis plants, flowering plants, or the plants you don't even know the name of, this 100% organic blend of highly nutritious ingredients will absolutely ELEVATE and TRANSFORM your plant game!

Application Rates & Methods

To apply, simply shove your plant pill firmly into your plant's soil.

How Often?

Push plant pills into the soil every 4 weeks MAX or 1x a season, meaning once in the summer, once in the fall, once in the winter, and once in the spring!

Small Sized Potted Plant

Use 4-6 Plant Pills or 1/2 Tbsp

Medium Sized Potted Plant (6"-8")

Use 6-10 Plant Pills or 1 Tbsp

Large Potted Plant.
(10" +)

Use 10-15 Plant Pills or 2 Tbsp

Key Ingredients and Benefits

We've packed TWELVE potent and powerful natural and regenerative ingredients into these pills, with the purpose of making fertilizing or FEEDING your plants EASY!

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