Pineapple Plant 5"
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Pineapple Plant 5"

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YES THATS RIGHT! Grow your own mini pineapple plant ! These make great house plants and are a fabulous little addition to your plant collection !


Light and position in the home
Pineapples love bright, direct sunlight and will do best in a south-facing location in your home.

Flowers and foliage
Pineapple plants are a type of Bromeliad, and the pineapples themselves are the fruit of the plant. Bromeliads are special because each plant only ever bears one fruit. So once the pineapple itself is past its best, keep the parent plant and watch for it producing baby plants around the base. Given the right care and conditions, each of the new baby plants will produce a new pineapple, and those plants in turn will produce new plants...

Pineapple plants are able to absorb some water through their leaves. They do not need a lot of water, so wait until the soil has dried out before watering, and then water the leaves and soil. They are more likely to be badly affected by overwatering than underwatering.

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