Praying Mantis - Live Insect Hatching Kit
Praying Mantis - Live Insect Hatching Kit
Praying Mantis - Live Insect Hatching Kit
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Praying Mantis - Live Insect Hatching Kit

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🪲 Hatch your own Praying Mantises 🪲

Raise Your Own Praying Mantises and learn about the life cycle of this fascinating insect with our kit. 

Kit Includes:

  • Instructions
  • 1 Praying Mantis Egg (hatches up to 200 baby praying mantises)
  • Collapsible Hatching Chamber

Instructions and information are outlined in our instruction guide, along with order details for hatching your praying mantis egg cases. Once the eggs arrive, you watch them hatch into nymphs, and grow into adult mantises, who may even reproduce.

A net habitat safely houses the praying mantises once they are full grown; there you can provide the mantises with shelter using local species of leaf litter, sticks, twigs, and plants. It is recommended to release your baby mantises in your gardens so that they can hunt, eat, and grow naturally in their new habitats. Otherwise, you will need to visit a local pet shop to pickup wingless fruit flies to feed them yourself.

Why hatch praying mantises? They are beneficial bugs and boost biodiversity in our gardens! These apex predators will eat june bugs, japanese beetles, and other pesky pests that terrorize your gardens. They will slowly grow throughout the summer all up until the fall season, where they will mate, lay a new egg, and naturally die with the first winters frost. 

Species of Praying Mantis: Tenodera sinensis, Chinese Praying Mantis. This species is NOT invasive, this is a common misconception. This species was introduced in 1896 and does not impact our local species of flora or fauna in a negative way.

Note:Live insects are not included; only your egg to hatch them. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee 100 % that eggs will hatch, but you are welcome to purchase multiple egg sacks to ensure success. 

Whether you're a seasoned entomologist or just beginning to explore the wonders of nature, The Urban Botanist's Praying Mantis Live Insect Science Kit is an exciting journey into the world of these remarkable creatures. Discover, learn, and appreciate the intricate beauty of the praying mantis with our immersive kit today!

Learn more about these the praying mantises and their life cycle here.

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