Psilo-vibe 🍄 GIY Kit
Psilo-vibe 🍄 GIY Kit
Psilo-vibe 🍄 GIY Kit
Psilo-vibe 🍄 GIY Kit
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Psilo-vibe 🍄 GIY Kit

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Grow It Yourself 🍄 VIBE kit!

Easily grow and harvest your own psilo-vibe 🍄🍄🍄 with our Grow It Yourself kits! Everything is included for you to become an overnight mushroom grower. Made in Canada 🇨🇦

Yield 1 ounce (28 grams) of dried fungi you grow fresh yourself!

No smell, no mess, just easy.

Included in each kit:

- 1  🍄 grow block

- Compostable grow chamber

- Step by Step Instructional card

- An adventure that awaits....

Packaging is made of 100% compostable material, after harvest simply compost the entire grow kit! ♻️


 Some info on our GIY Kit


Q - What strain of 🍄's is this grow kit?

A - The name of the variety is "Z-Strain"

Q- Do I have to grow my kit right away?

A - You can store your kit in a cool, dark space for up to 1 month before you begin to grow.

Q - Does the grow block smell? Is it hard to grow?

A - The grow block is practically scentless. Growing your 🍄 is incredibly easy! Just cut the grow bag open, and watch your 🍄's grow!

Q - How long does it take for the 🍄's to grow ?

A - It takes approximately 14 days from start to finish for your 🍄's to grow to full maturity.

Q - How do I harvest my 🍄's ?

A - Simply wait until the 🍄 are mature, pluck them off your block and leave out to dry for 7-10 days before consuming.


Still not sure? Visit out FAQ page here.

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