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Our Favourite Pet Safe Plants

While plants are an amazing way to add new life to your space leaving your fur babies with your plant babies can be a cause for concern. Because some species of plants do an excellent job of intaking all of the toxins around us, the leaves absorbing these toxins can harm our pets if they become a little too curious. Resulting in stress and expensive vet visits for you. We’ve compiled some of our favourite pet-safe plants to spruce up your space.

Air Plants
These low maintenance plants not only add whimsy to your space but they are also pet safe. Give your air plants a bath once a week for 15 minutes, let dry upside down completely and shake out any excess water from leaves. Air plant hangers or our very own air plant terrariums are great ways to add texture to your home. Place these on a bookshelf or hang near a window to level up your space, placing these on shelves on hanging them will also help keep them out of rover’s reach.

Ferns can turn any space from drab to fab, lush green ferns add fullness and texture to any space. Boston and Maiden Hair ferns are great options and are completely safe for both cats and dogs. While these are good examples it’s important to note that while beautiful, asparagus ferns are toxic to pets.

(Some) Succulents
While there are a few succulents that are harmful to pets species such as (haworthia's, blue echeveria and burros tail) are completely safe. While they won’t cause your pet to become ill succulents can be delicate so try to keep them out of reach of climbing kitties.

Parlour Palm
A great beginner green thumb plant. Not only are these mini palm’s incredibly easy to care for and they add an air of sophistication to any space, they are also non-toxic to pets.

While some species of orchids can be toxic to pets. Moth Orchids (Phalaenopsis Orchids) ones most commonly found wherever you buy your plants. Moth Orchids are non-toxic and easy to care for and add a bright pop of colour to any room.

Prayer Plant
The stunning patterns of the prayer plant are an excellent addition for those plant lovers looking for a cascading effect but not wanting to sacrifice peace of mind when it comes to whether or not your pet can be left safely alone with these plants.


While juggling the responsibilities of being a pet and plant parent can seem impossible, there are plants out there that can live in harmony with you and your dog or cat. It is really important to remember that even if the plant is classified as non-toxic your pet may have an adverse reaction such as vomiting and other accidents simply because it does not agree with their digestive system. The best way to keep both your pets and plants safe is to keep plants out of reach and off the floor to discourage curiosity. If you suspect that your pet may have consumed a plant you are unsure about contact your local veterinarian immediately. There are also other resources available such as the ASPCA’s database on toxic and non-toxic plants for pets to help keep your fur babies safe.



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