Moss Walls

For Commercial Spaces

Looking for a low maintenance alternative to living walls? Add a unique, organic moss wall to your space that will never die, decay, mold or fade. Our moss walls are made by hand with high quality Scandinavian reindeer moss and are custom designed and installed with precision.

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What are Moss Walls?

Moss is a type of small, non-flowering plant belonging to the division Bryophyta. Our moss walls are made of 100% real moss that has been preserved, meaning it is no longer living and therefor has zero maintenance. They are also extremely effective at absorbing noise, especially in the range of the human voice, making an ideal material for use in offices, studios and meeting rooms to reduce noise pollution.

Key Benefits of a Moss Wall

Acoustic insulation (.91 Sabin rated absorption at 5000 Hz)

Fire Safe, filters toxins, and deodorizes the air


Sustainably harvested

100% maintenance free

Will never decay, die, mold or fade

Looks and feels amazing!

Zero Maintenance

Never dies, decays, molds, or fades! Our preserved moss walls are the epitome of nature's resilience, ensuring your commercial space stays vibrant and inviting for an impressive 10 years. Our walls will maintain its bright soft colour and texture year after year. No green thumb required, just sit back and relax. Forget the hassle of watering, trimming, or chasing sunlight – these low-maintenance wonders are perfect for anyone who wants a touch of the outdoors without the fuss.

No Watering

No Sunlight

No Pruning

A mixed moss wall featured behind a long creme couch
A mixed moss wall featured behind a long creme couch
A mixed moss wall featured behind a long creme couch

Bring Your Logo to Life!

Feature your company's logo in an eye catching, memorable way! We take pride in showcasing your company's logo like never before – in a way that captivates, mesmerizes, and leaves a lasting impression.

Each moss wall is handcrafted with care and attention to detail, using only the finest preserved mosses. Our skilled designers will work with you to create a unique design that perfectly represents your brand and enhances your space.

Whether you want to instill a sense of tranquility, embrace your eco-friendly approach, or simply make an impactful visual statement, our moss walls will transform your space into a reflection of your brand's uniqueness. 

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The Possibilities are Endless!

From golf greens to university campus maps, let us help you create a unique and memorable experience for your guests, staff, and clients.

Our moss walls are ZERO maintenance and require no watering or sunlight, making them the perfect addition to any office, conference room, lobby, or restaurant.

Investing in a moss wall is a smart choice for anyone looking to add a touch of natural beauty to their space as it's a refreshing, functional, and sustainable investment that will bring a sense of calm and tranquility indoors.

Breathe cleaner air and reduce your ecological footprint, all while embracing a greener lifestyle. These functional and captivating installations effortlessly enhance any environment while promoting a refreshing atmosphere. With a focus on eco-consciousness, our handcrafted moss walls use the finest preserved mosses and plants, ensuring a stunning, maintenance-free display that lasts for years.

What Sets Us Apart?

Each moss wall is meticulously handcrafted and custom-designed with precision, ensuring a perfect fit for any space.

What sets our moss walls apart is not only their exquisite beauty but also their remarkable durability and zero maintenance requirements.

Scandinavian reindeer moss, the star ingredient of our moss walls, is a unique type of preserved moss renowned for its vibrant and plush appearance. It retains its soft and velvety texture indefinitely, adding a touch of natural elegance to any interior. Unlike live plants, our moss walls will never wither, decay, mold, or fade, making them an ideal long-lasting solution for bringing nature indoors.

While The Urban Botanist is based in Ontario, we ship moss walls across Canada and around the world. Contact us to learn how you can receive your moss walls in Toronto, in the USA, and beyond!

Do You Ship Moss Walls?

If you're looking for moss walls around the world, The Urban Botanist has got you covered! We offer top-notch moss wall installation services in Toronto and Ottawa, bringing nature's magic right to your doorstep. And guess what? We don't stop there! Even if you're located outside of Toronto, we ship our stunning moss walls worldwide!

Our moss walls are easily and efficiently packaged and shipped directly to your door step with easy installation step by step instructions should you not be located in a city where we offer our installation services.

Wherever you are, we'll make sure you can enjoy the beauty of our preserved moss walls with ease. Let's green up your space, whether you're looking for a moss wall in Toronto or anywhere else in the world!

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