DIY Terrarium - Master Kit
DIY Terrarium - Master Kit
DIY Terrarium - Master Kit
The Urban Botanist

DIY Terrarium - Master Kit

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Create your own succulent terrarium with our take home Urban Botanist Workshop Kits ! Absolutely all materials are included with our kits along with a variety of succulents.


The living plants inside your kit should not stay boxed up for longer than 5 days. So plan  your delivery week accordingly. Shipping is approximately 2-3 days and shipments go out on Mondays. If you need to keep your kit for longer than 5 days before giving, we suggest you open the kit to remove your plant.


All kits include🌿:

- 6" base - Bowl Glass vessel

- Plant (x1 succulent)

- Soil

- Gravel

- Charcoal

- Reindeer Moss

- Decorative stones

- Instructions 


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