Worm Manure and It’s Amazing Benefits

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Worm Manure and It’s Amazing Benefits

If you’re a plant lover like me you know that a little fertilizer can really boost your plants health and beauty. And of course when our love of planet friendly products and plant love collide you can bet we’re excited about it! So when I recently started using worm manure or cricket “crass” *insert poop emoji* I couldn’t believe how beautiful and healthy my indoor and outdoor plants began looking in almost no time at all. However the benefits of worm manure is not only what you can see, here are some other amazing benefits to worm manure;


  1. It won’t burn roots or leaves like traditional chemical compound fertilizers. So you plants stay fed and beautiful.
  2. Increases the amount of nutrients your plants can absorb
  3. Extracts harmful bacteria, toxins, and metals from the soil that could be effecting root health and plant growth.
  4. Adds plant beneficial fungi and microbes.
  5. Helps to improve soil water retention so your plants retain moisture and require less watering.
  6. Regulates soil ph lowering or increasing to correct soils natural ph levels.
  7. Adds “humus” essentially naturally occurring compost to the soil which is beneficial to plants.
  8. Improves overall soil structure, from potted plants to larger gardens.
  9. Reduces the amount of soil erosion or compaction which can decrease the soils productivity and “wash” away plant important organic matter.
  10. Improves aeration in the soil, which allows more water, air and nutrients for your plants roots.

Bonus: Worm manure is an organic healthy fertilizer that is good for our planet, and non-toxic!


I definitely suggest you check out worm manure and begin seeing the benefits in your plants almost straight away. At the Urban Botanist we’ve used Jocelyn’s Soil Booster and couldn’t be happier with the continuing results. It’s even brought a couple of the Bad Plant Mom’s babies back from the dead!



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